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Punishment Panties

A story of secrets and wet panties

The file Penny had stumbled across seemed to be a transcript from a chat session between two people. Curiosity got the better of her, and she started reading…

Him @20:51: Your spanking sounded hard and sore, very good. Do you need to pee?

Her @20:52: yes please

Him @20:53: Take your phone to the toilet with you. Sit on the seat, but don’t pull down your panties. Describe yourself

Her @20:56: I’m on the loo. I really need to go. When I clench I feel myself squeeze the butt plug, which makes me want to go even more

Him @20:57: Start rubbing your slit through your panties

Her @21:00: this is so so naughty but feels incredible

Him @21:01: Keep rubbing. The heat of your spanked bottom on the cold seat must be exciting

Her @21:03: god yes. I’m soaked. may I please pull down my panties Sir?

Him @21:04: No you may not. Keep rubbing your clit

Her @21:06: ooo! I’m going to come or pee or both!

Him @21:07: Keep rubbing, young lady

Her @21:09: please can’t hold it in

Him @21:10: You must be squeezing your plug so hard…

(Penny stopped and gasped, barely believing what she was reading. She looked at the timestamps, there were no messages for almost twenty minutes, then came Alice’s final response…)

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